Our guest on The Wellness Show is Maureen Edwardson, the author of “Your Magical Evolutionary Code Unleashed”. Maureen resides in White Rock in Greater Vancouver.

Show Notes

Maureen Edwardson has been *developing and evolving Inner Resonance Technologies. This happens whenever she goes to Kauai, which she calls her second home. “That’s what I go there for, to reactivate my ancient knowledge of who I am and what I’m here to teach, what I’m here to relate…”Maureen Edwardson According to Maureen, she gets her teachings and reaches a deeper level of spiritual practice whenever she visits Kauai. “Everything happens magically. I never plan things when I go to Kauai because Kauai has its own plans for me.” - Maureen Edwardson The main topic discussed in this episode is regarding Inner Resonance Technology (IRT). IRT **reactivates the built in programs that have been interrupted by difference interference patterns like stress or trauma. A brief description on how to perform this technique was discussed on the show. Maureen Edwardson has some upcoming events February 3 to 5, 2017. It a four-level training that includes the following:
  • Personal Clearing
  • Introduction to Facilitation
  • Basic Certification
  • Mastery
There may be a second training which she plans to hold in the last week of February. She still continues to do group calls and free one to one consultations. To contact Maureen you can visit her website (see resources below) To listen on Itunes & subscribe to The Wellness Show click here To listen on Google Play sign into your google account and click here To listen on New Media Radio Network click here  To bookmark RSS feed click here To subscribe to Stitcher click here To watch video interviews and subscribe to the Academy Youtube Channel click here RESOURCES: Maureen Edwardson Contact Info: The Extraordinary Healing Arts AcademyFacebook Page Youtube Channel The Wellness Show Facebook Group – Dowsing Energy Healing Group Google + Spiritual Healing Group The Wellness Store The Wholistic Hive Sponsorship Sponsorship requests please email: tyhson@me.com GoProgression Transcription Services Become a PATRON of The Wellness Show