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The Wellness Show is a regular weekly Monday morning podcast hosted by Tyhson Banighen, focusing on Health Wealth. & Enlightenment. Tyhson will be interviewing wellness practitioners, coaches, innovators and heart centered entrepreneurs who have a passion to make us and the earth vibrantly healthy and wealthy. Listen in and start your week with vim and vigor!
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May 29, 2017

In this episode Tyhson Banighen the host of The Wellness Show is interviewed by Cathy Hohmayer on her show, "Mindful Living in the Adirondack Alps"  Tyhson and Cathy discuss  bioenergy as the food of life.

Tyhson says, “We live in a sea of energy. How we chose to interact with these energies creates our bioenergetic field, and the world we live in.”

More than 75% of the population has 50% or more of their energy field compromised.

There are two reasons:

  1.       Manmade Interrupters

We live in a sea of energy with more than 2,760 manmade interrupters. This can be due to environmental factors such, microwave tower, cell phones, smart phones, wifi, environmental pollutants, GMO’s, pesticides and herbicides, HARP, biowarfare etc.

  1.       Energetic Intrusions

Intrusions into one’s bioenergy field can come from many sources, such as discarnate beings, spirits, entities. From other people such as cords, attachments, attacks such as, hexes curses, voodoo etc.

Most man made interruptions are modern technology. And most of it is high in radiation, that may cause different diseases. So as much as possible stay away from your gadget or lessen our use of it to decrease the possibility of having illness from it.

One way to contra negative energy is through grounding, by getting in touch in nature, putting your feet on the grass,sand, or hot rocks. Or turning off the breakers in your bedroom, to avoid electrical energy to recharge your body and have more peaceful sleep.

In energetic intrusion is more about the level of your consciousness in relation with spiritual species that have the same level of frequency of consciousness. You may be able to communicate with any kind of living or non-living being that have the same level of frequency as you do. Spiritual expert or individual may help you in practicing this.

You may get in touch with Tyhson Banighen  through is toll free hotline in North America, 1866-369-7464 or 1866-DOWSING. And you may learn more about bioenergy and download his Dowsing eBook in his website, , and you may also join more discussions on his facebook page, Dowsing in energy healing.

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